Fechamos às terças-feiras para descanso do pessoal|... Grupos, contacte-nos para almoços ou jantares de grupo, temos menus completos a partir de 25€ por pessoa |... No São Domingos, dispomos de menu Crianças e pratos vegetarianos.


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Alistair & Cath Macp
07-10-2012, 15:25
We've been coming to this fantastic restaurant since Sao was pregnant with her youngest son. No matter where we are based in the Algarve we always make a point of visiting Sao Domingos where we are always made to feel very welcome and ensured of the best cuisine we have found in the Algarve. Now with the addition of a cafe, it is sure to appeal to every taste.
Barbara & Alan Wardl
01-08-2012, 15:26
We've been coming to Sao Domingos for many years. Menu is varied and food are always delicious. Domingos, his wife and staff are helpful, attentive and make you feel very welcome. Looking forward to coming back in September 2012!
Lynn and Andrew Brod
28-05-2012, 15:27
Another week of excellent food, lovely surroundings ,attentive service and the most pleasant staff.
Already looking forward to our next visits - roll on May 2013!!
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